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Last updated: August 29th 2016

Showering and listening – and singing – while you soap and wash and rinse is not really something shameful only you did. The ritual of listening music under the shower is really spread, and while there are shower heads with embedded Bluetooth speakers, you can have a wider variety of devices to play your songs with even more definition. The Bluetooth shower speakers are portable speakers that are waterproof, besides working with Bluetooth connection, which makes them really useful also to make you still connected to your phone, answering calls and doing all sort of task via voice command.There are really a lot of Bluetooth shower speakers already in the market, and we did a really caring and excelling list with the best models out there for 2016. There are 10 different models with different designs, prices and sound definitions, all to fit your budget and your standards. Take a look on our list and also, an important read on our purchase guide to understand very important things about these speakers before you make your purchase.

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers with Reviews


FUGOO ToughThe first shower speaker of our list is the tough-guy FUGOO. Designed specially for sportive use, it is on the top of your list because it is really the best kind of speaker you would like to take with you in the shower. Depending of the skin – here called jacket – the speaker becomes incredibly resistant. The Toug one is designed for radical sports, you can drop it against rocks it will still live to sing many more songs, so you can accidentally drop it on the floor and keep washing out the foam from your hair with no need to get in panic.Alternatively, you can still get it with two other skins, the Sport, which has a more fun look and the Style skin, which will match most bathroom decor sets as it is elegant and minimalist, with a chromed finish.

This speaker can be placed somewhere in your shower stall only during your showering or you can affix it. Even though the brand offers the so-called mount accessories, they are designed to affix the speaker on sportive scenarios, like a bike or strapped to trees or a bag. They are not sold with the speaker and you can purchase them separately, even though resistant as it is, you won’t need anything else actually, or you can alternatively place it on your soap shelf, for example.The FUGOO Tough is an IP67 dust and waterproof (as well as mud-proof, snow-proof, even though it doesn’t look like you will have that kind of scenario inside your shower stall) and the batteries have an incredible autonomy up to 40 hours. And, the sound will not be projected just onto one direction or another: it is 360 wide, with 6 drives for each of the 4 sides of the box, providing a great 95dB of potency. This guy can really turn your showering into a radical sport moment in the day.

UE BOOM 2 Phantom

UE BOOM 2 PhantomIf the FUGOO Tough turns your showering into radical sport, the UE BOOM turns into a wild party. This waterproof speaker is an amazing acquisition designed to really rock a party. Like the Tough model, it also spread the sound 360degree wide, has a 90db potency and this is not even the start. This model is IPX7 water proof, and while you cannot do radical sports with it, you can surely throw a party in your shower, specially if you get more than one device. The cool thing about its firmware is the fact it comes with a really versatile app, the Block Party, that will share the source device signal with up to 2 different UE BOOM speakers. Imagine 90dB on each one of them and you can imagine how stellar will be your shower party.

The app also enables you to connect three different devices to one singular speaker, so you can shift through devices, play a bit of the playlist of your computer, play that specific song you downloaded only on your phone and then jump to your tablet to check and play other exclusive songs of that device. All that through the compatibility with Siri and Google Now, so you don’t even have to tap, just speak out while you soap or rinse.The autonomy of the battery of this speaker could not be less great. You can play for 15 hours on a row. The UE BOOM comes with a lot of different, trendy and stylish skins but all that keeping a quite modern, minimalist and cool design.


BRAVEN BRV-XThe third shower speaker of our list is another sturdy buddy. The BRV-X is also an IPX7 water proof speaker with a design for outdoors, so it will really be safe and excelling itself for a showering experience. While it is not that easy to attach on your shower stall, just like the FUGOO model, the brand sells an accessory travel strap separately, so you can attach it even to the shower or the pipe if your please. Otherwise, its squared, boxy alike build makes it easy to let it sit anywhere it fits, including on the floor.The potency of this speaker is not little thing as usual, a 90dB capacity, with a battery autonomy of 12 hours.

There is even an option to set the potency of the speaker for outdoor or indoor output, in the latter case, you will save more battery while the sound will be a little less potent, enough to be loud and intense enough specially for a shower stall enclosed ambient.This model is available on a black skin or a gray and white one, while sturdy and robust it still keeps a more neutral look to fit most bathroom decor sets with a less aggressive sportive tone.

Tech Acoustics IPX

Tech Acoustics IPXFor a much more affordable price than most models we have seen, you can get this waterproof speaker to work on your shower with great quality of output and all the top notch integrations with Bluetooth. The IPX is a compact speaker, 4-inch wide, like many shower heads, but it still provides a great 80 dB potency and its battery lasts for up to 8 hours. If you use it though with 30% volume, it can last for up to 13 hours. To recharge the battery though, you will have to plug the speaker into a standard USB device, like a laptop or desktop computer.

The output of the cable is not micro USB so it won’t work to recharge with your phone, for example.While its build has a clearly sportive orientation, you can display the IPX affixed against the wall using its suction cup, which comes in the pack for free. There is also a clasp to have it hanging, one more alternative for you to keep it inside your shower stall. The IPX is also integrated with Siri, so you will be able to make phone calls, execute any kind of command you would do with your iPhone with your hands free.Like most models we have seen here, the waterproof rate here is also an IPX7, so this is another model you could accidentally drop on your tub and would not damage the device.

SHARKK ²O Bluetooth Speaker

SHARKK ²O Bluetooth SpeakerSHARKK has a lot of speakers oriented for water and outdoors use, so is no surprise this model can be submerged, used in the shower and is resistant to shock and dust. Its resistance rate is an IP67, offering an official rate on dust proof, something that most models miss these days. It has a sturdy build, but it looks much cuter and cooler than most of its bulky brothers on our list.It is designed with an enclosed carrying case and includes a set of Velcro strap, is all you need to hang it on your shower head or a pipe of the shower set and keep it working inside the shower stall. The battery here is the standard 8 hours and is rechargeable with micro-USB chord.

The Bluetooth here also enables you to use Siri, as well as near-field communication (NFC) technology / S Voice functionality services. You will be able to make and answer calls, execute songs with voice commands, or you can tap on the device as you wish.One great thing about this mode, as well as its weak spot, is the automatic shut off. After 10 minutes, if no interaction happens, it turns off the speaker as measure to avoid wasting battery in case you forgot it working idle so, if you take longer showers, you will have to engage in a banter with Siri for a little while just to avoid have your music interrupted.

AOMAIS IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker

AOMAIS IPX7 Bluetooth SpeakerOne more robust option of shower speaker for your stall, this AOMAIS IPX7 is, as the name suggest, an IPX7 water proof speaker, so it can be even submerged and will still work. Like the Photive HYDRA, it has a great deal of drives, but it doesn’t include a dedicated subwoofer, even though you can still get great bass definition as it works with a 90 dB capacity.This AOMAIS model is also shock proof, as its outer shell is quite resilient, a silicone rubberized cover, and the build of the speakers overall is made on aluminum. You can place it in some shelf on your shower stall, on the floor or develop an affixing strategy as this one doesn’t come with attachments to affix it inside the shower.One of the great features though of this model is its battery with a 10 hour autonomy, a little bit above the average 8 hours you will normally find out there. When it is almost over, a LED light in the panel will indicate you need to recharge it.

There is also another two LED lights to indicate when the speakers are on and when the music is resuming or paused. The recharging here happens also with a micro USB cable.For last, this is another option to answer calls during the shower. It includes a built-in noise-canceling Speakerphone, which is a different option than just regular microphones as it will make the sound as clear as possible for the people on the other side of the line get right what you are saying.This is one more speaker developed for sportive, outdoor use, so it will make another great option very resilient to have with you under the shower.

Photive HYDRA

Photive HYDRADesigned specifically for showering, the Photive’s HYDRA is a more demure shower speaker compared to the FUGOO, as it is, likewise, a much more affordable option, but still has the essential benefits to work in the shower: is IP66 dustproof an waterproof, so you can even drop it on your tub full and it won’t die, you can let it sitting on your shower stall for many days in a row and it won’t become damaged by dust and, ultimately, is shockproof, once again can be dropped on the floor and it wont be teared apart.As a more compact model, its battery has a lower autonomy, only 8 hours on a row. This is, though, enough to play music during almost a whole month if you take quick 10-minute showers, or over 2 weeks if you take long half-an-hour showers. More than enough.

When the battery runs out of power, you can recharge it via a micro USB cable that is included with the speaker.For last, this speaker provides great sound nonetheless, including a subwoofer for definition of bass frequencies, with an overall output of 90 dB. Also, it can be used as an answering calls device while you are showering as it includes a built-in microphone. The speaker is made on aluminum and finished on a rubberized rugged layer which is the secret to make it very resilient.

BOOM Swimmer DUO

BOOM Swimmer DUOThey are not only fun and cool looking, but these features made the BOOM Swimmer speakers quite popular as they are very versatile and stylish. However, that’s not all there is for these speakers. The BOOM DUO series specially is their latest model of BOOM Swimmer speakers, and it enables you to have two different channels working if you pair – and purchase – a second DUO. Most one-device-only speakers work almost like mono sound, but the DUO series offers you the capability to make it very impressive sound with a wide definition.But back to the fun part of this speaker, it relies on its attachment accessories, which make this speaker really great for showering. You can either use the suction cup on the bottom of the speaker to stick it to your shower stall wall or glass, for example, and this feature not only will keep it there safe but will also enhance the bass definition like magic. Optionally, there is the flexible tail attachment, which looks just like a tadpole tail. You can bend, fold and shape it as you please to attach the speaker, for example, to pipes or other poles that integrate the shower.

Either the tail or the cup are very easy to affix in the speaker so you can alternate them whenever you feel is better one or another for the shower.One more cool feature is the fact it doesn’t sink, so even if you drop accidentally in your tub, for example, it won’t get lost under the foam. One important thing about this speaker is the fact it is IPX8 water proof. It can be even submerged forcibly for at least 30 minutes down 1 meter. This is really not a concern for a showering use as you won’t dive into open sea accidentally with the speaker into your pockets. Otherwise, the speakers can shower and bathe with you and they will still be rocking, and is not little rocking thing. Just one speaker of these has a 75dB capacity, which is almost the equivalent of the whole set of channels of the Photive HYDRA speaker – even though, different from that model, this one doesn’t have a dedicated subwoofer, for example.The BOOM DUO has the standard 8 hours of autonomy battery and can be recharged with a micro USB cable included in the pack. It will keep beeping when the battery is at 10% for you to recharge. For last, this version also has a built-in microphone for answering calls if you pair it with your phone.

Superior Sounds BT-W110

Superior Sounds BT-W110A similar compact speaker to the BOOM Swimmer, this BT-W110 is a small speaker oriented for shower use, and is one rare of its kind, as it offers an IP67 rate, something that you really don’t see that often for such small and affordable speakers. While it offers a less varied sound definition, since it is just one speaker, it still provides powerful sound up to 70dB. To improve the bass quality that is demure on this kind of small speaker, the suction cup make miracles, just like with teh BOOM DUO. You can attach it anywhere inside the shower stall, but is just not recommended to keep it there as when the temperatures oscillate after the showering is over, the vacuum tends to weaken and the speaker will fall – it is not shock proof.

The battery autonomy here is really great if you keep it on a demure volume (40% to 50%) as it can last for 10 hours. On max. volume it will last for 6 hours, which is still a great deal.Also integrated with Siri, make us of the speakerphone to execute songs, make calls and the tasks you would normally do in front of your iPhone.

iFox iF01

iFox iF01If you are looking for a shower speaker more affordable and demure, and still providing a great quality sound, the iFox iF012 is this kind of speaker on our list. Quite compact, easy to deploy and to carry around, it is specially designed for showering, with an IPX7 rate of water proof, so it can as well be submerged with no damage.Looking just like a little cup, it in fact is attachable to your shower stall trough a suction cup mechanic, which will improve the potency of the sound if you place it against the wall or on the glass door.

All the controls of the device are quite easy and intuitive to follow, and you will get a 70 db output of this tiny 4-inch alike cup. As it is much smaller than our previous models, its batteries will last for much longer, 10 hours of continuous playing.As a Bluetooth shower speaker it could not disappoint when it comes to answering calls, with a built-in speakerphone. It is also compatible with Siri so you can still manage your iPhone by voice command and even shift from song to song or playlist. For less than half of the price of the previous models, is a great deal for your showering time.

Quick Purchase Guide

We already reviewed here some shower heads with embedded Bluetooth speakers, and as you can imagine, these speakers have limited output and work well to provide loud music and specially, to work combined with Siri and other voice command services so you can answer phone calls and do this kind of voice-oriented tasks with your phone. The Bluetooth shower speakers are just a speaker box, often with much more drives, increased potency and audio definition, really oriented to play music.

They are portable, but what makes the ideal for showering is the fact they are water proof, as there are many Bluetooth speaker that are designed to work in normal conditions indoors. Many of these models are not oriented specifically for shower, but for outdoor use, and as they are water proof they become ideal for the shower time, specially because they are developed with attachments that enable them to be easily installed inside the shower stall.

What are the benefits of a Bluetooth shower speaker?

As you can imagine, there is much more space here to enable drives, an efficient acoustic work for the box and, even more importantly, there is more freedom for you to choose any other shower head or shower system, like shower panels, and get the best of both worlds in separate devices. Shower speakers will deliver great sound quality, some devices can provide almost 100 db as you have seen and even include subwoofer channels.

What is the IPX rating cited on the reviews?

This is the International Protection Marking Code, a certification given by universal quality tests that will ensure the resistance and efficiency of a product. It is actually just stated as “IP”, while the X determines the absence of an official, formal certification of a given criteria. In our case here, the X represents the first digit, which refers to tests on dust resistance. While many companies don’t execute formal testing on it, it doesn’t mean they are not resistant, but for obvious reasons of no great necessity, as they are obviously enclosed to resist dust deposit, these tests are not performed for some products.

The second digit, however, of the IP code, is the one referring to the water resistance. The rate 7 is the minimum required to state that the product is water proof for real, as it means it can resist submersion, while all lower rates only state the product as water resistant. The IP Code is really important to take a look on as it determines for real the water proof assertion on the speakers you are interested, and this is the reason why we included them for all models. You don’t have to read any more comprehensive information to understand how it works as it is not that complicated. The article on Wikipedia about the IP Code is already very clarifying and you should take a look to understand, for example, what each grade of this rate asserts about water resistance.

What to Look for on the best Bluetooth shower speaker?

IP Rate: As you have just seen what is the IP code, this is the first most important thing you should pay attention. Just to make it more clear on why it is very relevant, there are literally hundreds of models developed specifically for shower use. They are very cute, compact, and cheap, and many of them state they are water proof. But a vast majority of these model is not actually, they are solely water resistant, with a IP rate ranging from 4 to 5, which just assures them can endure water splash.The reason we didn’t include and don’t recommend these models is the fact they can easily be doomed when some slippery accident happens inside your shower stall. Dropping an IPX5 speaker on a bath tub or in a layer of 1-inch of water on your shower stall can already ruin them. While they can have great audio quality, they also provide a lot of paranoia, literally, for you while you are showering, so there is no point on purchasing something that will bring you concern instead of relaxation while you take your shower.

Sound Definition: The second feature you have to mind is the audio quality, for obvious reasons. The smaller the speaker, the less audio definition it will offer, even though all them offer great potency, loud sound. For many people this is not a great deal when you just want some music playing around you in the shower stall, but for other people is worthier a bigger investment to get a more expensive model but with an outstanding quality of sound, so follow your standards.

Battery: The battery autonomy is also very relevant. While most of these models have a great output of at least 8 hours, which is more than enough for more than 1 week of showering, always check the conditions in which this autonomy works, and more battery autonomy always means less recharging, which is better, since the recharging time of these batteries ranges from 2 to 4 hours.

Bluetooth range: all the models listed here are at least 33 feet wide, which is the standard reach of the latest Bluetooth version. On the other hand, there are models that come with boosted Bluetooth receptors and they can catch even 100 feet. If for some reason you need one of these models you have to give it the preference. Wider-ranged Bluetooth shower speakers also offer you the flexibility to enable your phone even if you forgot it far there in the kitchen, with no need to step out of the shower.

Summing Up

Purchasing a Bluetooth shower speaker is a little bit like purchasing a stereo sound system, and one that can swim! So take your choosing and selecting wisely and always consider the value of expensive investments as they will really last for a long while inside your stall.

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