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Last updated: August 29th 2016

It is a luxurious dream for many people to have a hydro massage hot tub at their own home, specially a wide social one, where you can invite your friends or family to gather around during the summer – or winter. The costs of a traditional hot tub like that can easily go over $ 2000, and is exactly where the dream is over for many traditional families that really don’t have that budget to spend on a triviality. Inflatable hot tubs are a fever in the market in the last decades for making that triviality a reality that is useful daily for many people, with a cost 80% more affordable than traditional hot tubs and easy assemble.While they are inflatable and made of synthetic, malleable materials, many people would feel risky purchasing one of them: will it get punctured easily? will it endure the weight of several people?. Yes and yes and yes for many of these questions.

On the other hand, is not that easy to find the most reliable models of inflatable hot tubs as there are many options these days in the market, and when it comes to quality, the winners show up after years of use out of damage. We selected exactly this kind of inflatable hot tubs for you, bullet-proof on the customers analysis which makes them some of the top rated best sellers in the market.Follow our reviews to find the best inflatable hot tub for your household and your budget, as well as you can take a look on our quick purchase guide to know better how these hot tub works and how you should manage and take care of them, as well as special tips for complementary accessories that are really great to make your comfort inside the hot tub even better.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub with Reviews

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Series

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa SeriesTo start, we are going to see not only one, but four models that are quite similar, developed by Bestway, but with some subtle differences from size to massage jets featured on each model. Lay-Z is a top winner series of inflatable hot tubs, and these four models we are going to show you are also among the models of highest investment, even though they are really not what we could consider expensive for a portable hot tub like these.The selected Lay-Z-Spa tubs selected are Hawaii, Paris, Palm Spring and Miami. First we are going to list the features they have in common, and later we are going to check the specifics for each one of them, which are quite particular to make each one of these tubs ideal for one specific scenario.The Lay-Z series is very much designed for social gathering as these models are developed to comport at least 4 people. Spacious and quite resistant, these models are all made on Bestway’s patented fabric of high quality and durability, the TriTech 3-ply reinforced fabric. The power rate for them, as well as max. temperature of the water and filter catridge units are the same:

  • 1 leatheroid cover with double safety lock clips
  • Built-in air chamber for insulation
  • Fabric features a polyester mesh core and layers of PVCAs to protect the tub.
  • 4 to 6 people capacity
  • Rate of 110-120V
  • Max. temperature of the water up to 104ºF (40ºC)
  • 2-cartridge filter replaceable
  • 1 Chemical floater
  • A cushioned floor including a convenient drain valve
  • 2 easy-lift handles.
  • A DVD including a set up and maintenance guide
  • An extra filter cartridge
  • Pressure gauge

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa HawaiiThis is the most sophisticated of the series and will likely be on sale for a higher price due to two main features: it includes a salt water filtering system and adjustable jets that are both massage jets and bubble jets. Hawaii is designed to accommodate 4 to 6 people and also has a different tub shape than the other models, it is square-alike so it resembles better social hydro massage tubs.
The jet heads here are called HydroJets and as we said, have a duo functionality. There are eight big heads that can also be adjusted by hand to the direction that please you the most, while the adjustment of the function is set through the digital controller of the inflatable hot tub.About the salt water filtering system, it makes a robust engine, not considering specifically size, but technology.

This kind of filtering is not very common as it is expensive but works really fine for beach scenarios where the salinity of the water can go beyond the normal. You don’t have to worry either about leaving the sea and getting into the tub right after. The tub filtering will cope with it just fine, while regular machines wouldn’t.Hawaii is not the largest of the tubs in the Lay-Z-Spa series, but it is wide enough to make a spacious hot inflatable tub: a 71-inch diameter and 28-inch tall. The tub is enough to fill 210 gallons of water (795 L), which are heated up to 104ºF (40ºC) within 30 to 45 minutes. You can also set the temperature and the functioning time of the tub through the digital control panel that is implemented over the heating and filtering tank.To set Hawaii things also go smoothly: it will be fully inflated in less than 5 minutes, though you have to follow the instructions accurately to connect the pump and all other hoses appropriately.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa ParisParis tub is larger compared to Hawaii, measuring 77-inch (diameter) and 26-inch tall. The water capacity of this tub is consequently a bit higher, up to 250 gallons. Paris is a circle-shaped Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub, and while it accommodates freely 6 people, it doesn’t include the beach alike set of extra features. The water filtration system here is the standard for tubs, filtering impurities and keeping the water bacteria free, so it will not suit well an implementation by the beach as the system can deteriorate over time. Paris is ideal for pool side, urban ambients, and one of its exclusive features is the set of LED lights to make it even more pleasant and cosy for social gathering by the night during your pool party.

The LED lightning system is interchangeable, so it can either switch randomly from color to color or you can set only one hue permanently. There are 7 different colors for the LED panel that is installed in the interior walls of the tub. The tub pool itself has translucid walls that allow the lights to illuminate the whole tub.The jets of Paris are bubbles only and they follow a pattern that is also implemented in the next models of the series: the jets here are quite small air streams, 120 total, blowing high-pressure air for a quite bubbly experience. While it doesn’t work like the massage jets, it still offers high pressure jets that can be soothing.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm SpringsThis model is quite similar to Paris, but it doesn’t include the LED lightning system and it is a bit taller (28-inch). Anything else here remains the same: capacity for 6 people, 77-inch of diameter and 120 bubble-only jets. Palm Springs can cost almost 50% less than Paris and is ideal if you are on a short budget and pass the LED lightning extra.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa MiamiMiami is the smallest of the Lay-Z-Spa series. It is designed to hold up 4 adults as it has a 71-inch diameter and is 26-inch tall, with a capacity for up to 200 gallons. If you are not looking for a lot of people with you on the tub and likewise, you don’t have a wide budget for a wider tub, this model is one of the best cheap options in the market, as it includes the high-tech specs of Bestway tubs.As it doesn’t have the same array of extra features of the other models, it can cost 30% less than Palm Springs.

Intex’s PureSpa Jet Massage

Intex's PureSpa Jet MassageRivaling with Hawaii as one of the most expensive inflatable hot tub sets, the Jet Massage is another model with a sturdy construct and engine. Its build is quite sturdy and also uses a fabric patented technology, the Fiber-Tech™ technology, a reinforced material that includes a puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material. The strength of this model is sturdy enough to enable you to sit over the borders in case you just want to dip your feet. This is mostly what makes it a high-priced acquisition.This pattern not only makes it very resistant as it also provides a quite efficient insulant system to keep the water heated for longer inside the tub. And talking about heating, this tub heating system comes with an exclusive air heating system, unlike many other models that blow cold air into the inflatable tub. So the use of this tub is also quite welcoming during the cold seasons, even though it is not recommended for the use on external uncovered areas during the winter.

Also, this model like the Hawaii offers both bubble and water massage jets all in one, through 4 different jet heads. And while the filtering system here is not salt proof, it works with 6 cartridge rolls at once, which makes the maintenance much easier as you don’t have to replace them so soon like with the 2-cartridge models.As for space, this model is quite spacious in comparison. It is a 4 to 6 person design, 77-inch of diameter and 28-inch tall, able to fill in up to 260 gallons of water. The Jet Massage works with 110-120V circuits, also has a digital controller for all adjustment and can be easily set and inflated in less than 20 minutes, with a pump included in the pack.

Intex PureSpa Octagon 4-Person

Intex PureSpa Octagon 4-PersonOne more Intex model on our list actually follows a little bit the pattern of the latter Bestway’s models. It doesn’t offer massage jets but bubble-only jet heads, also a 120 jets total. Intex is also quite renowned when it comes to inflatable hot tubs and this Octagon model is another best inflatable hot tub in the market.The tub construct is made on the patented Fiber-Tech™ technology briefed in the previous model, only the color here is different, a wood beige hue to match your patio wood furniture.The whole process to install it is not really complicated and you can set the whole pool with the pump and inflate the set in less than 20 minutes. The filtering system and water heating engine work with a 110-120V rate and, as usual, it will heat up to 104ºF. All the adjustments of temperature and operation time are set via the digital controller, which is by the way quite easy to reach and with an elegant design.The inner diameter of the Intex’s Octagon is 58-inch, so it is not as spacious as the previous models, ideal for 4 people usage. The filtering system here is the standard one with a two-cartridge, and the pack includes one extra for free.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub 90363E

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub 90363EIs important to make clear here a fact about the Lay-Z-Spa series. It is a sub-brand of the British Bestway company, and their tubs sold and manufactured under this name are all British. When you see then being sold in dollars in America you are seeing imported products the brand is retailing abroad. Coleman is a brand chosen by Bestway to manufacture some of the Lay-Z-Spa series models in America, often exclusive here, which is the case of this inflatable hot tub.The Coleman’s Lay-Z 90363E actually follows the formula of the Palm Springs model: has a 77-inch diameter, is 28-inch tall and comports up to 254 gallons of water. Up to 6 people can bath here with a heating system up to 104ºF and a standard two-cartridge filter.Like all previous models, it includes the pump to set up the tub, which will take less than 20 minutes, the electrical rate is 110-120V and the set of jets is also the bubble-only patch of 120 jets.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub 13804

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub 13804This second Coleman’s Lay-Z is the small version of the American series, even though not that smaller than the 9036E. Designed for 4 people, this Coleman model is 71-inch wide and 26-inch tall, comporting 200 gallons of water. It is obviously a more affordable model but it still includes the Lay-Z formula, with the resistant build and ease of set up.Anything else here remains the same as with the previous Coleman’s: it also works with the 120 bubble jet heads, compatible with 110-120V electrical rate and will heat up to 104ºF max. The package will also include the pump for inflation, while the whole process is supposed to take very few time. Both Coleman’s models include some extras, as a guide DVD and a insulating cover to protect the pool while you are not there and keep it warm still, perfect for snack and bathroom times when you have to leave and doesn’t want to let the heating working and wasting energy. Just cover the tub, do what you need to do outside and comeback to find your tub still warm.

MSpa Camaro B-130

MSpa Camaro B-130The last model of our list is the 4-person Camaro, a design that resembles in color and shape the previous Coleman inflatable hot tub, including the dimensions, also 71-inch wide, though a little bit taller, 28-inch. The construct of this inflatable tub however makes for a quite resistant build, which includes synthetic PVC leather sewed on what the brand calls the crocodile pattern. This cover is great to also keep the water insulated and so you can enjoy the warm water for longer, with no need to waste more energy reheating the tub.Resistance is really one of the great features of this model and it also comes to the digital controller of the tub. All models you have seen have a big let down when it comes to their digital interfaces: they are not really water proof.

While some subtle splashes are tolerable by these devices, they are not at all the kind having-fun-in-the-water-proof as any kind of big amount of water poured over it will damage it good. MSpa developed a patented box to fit the digital controller that is impermeable, so now you really don’t have to worry about how wild things get inside the tub, the controller will be safe from your kids, from your friends, even from the rain.The only let down of this model is a slightly small number of jet heads: 110 bubble jets. The whole system also works on 110V rate, the filtering system is for standard treatment and the heating goes up to 104ºF.

Quick Purchase Guide: What Is Exactly An Inflatable Hot Tub?

It can be tricky for some people to purchase an inflatable hot tub as there are so many inflatable bath items these days. Sometimes is hard to tell one from the other. For an easy sight check, the inflatable hot tubs will always be sided by robust heating/filtering machines, which are what really differs it from a simple inflatable pool or a simple inflatable tub.A detailed examination and you will know inflatable hot tubs are two-chamber pools and have an array of jet heads, either for bubbling or massaging, sometimes for both features at the same time and, likewise, the robust machine besides them will heat and filter the water, so you have a constant flow of water, it is always stirred – so you don’t have to worry about Zyca mosquito for example.To keep it always clean, these hot tubs have a cartridge filtering system since you are not planning empty it all the time.

And since you will be using the same water for a long while, all the best models come with a chemical floater dispenser which will treat the water and block the formation of algae deposits.All inflatable hot tubs come with the pump system to inflate the set, and all that is automated, so all you have to do is connect the tubes and let it inflate by itself. These hot tubs also are designed with an electrical controller to set all adjustments of water temperature, stirring and filtering for the amount of time you wish.

How Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Work?

Most of an inflatable hot tub system is automated, except for the water filling the set up of the tub pool. You have to find a special place where the tub can stay even on the floor, preferentially with a thermal insulating material, like wood surfaces or even on your lawn. To guarantee it will be well insulated, there is a floor cover that is included in the pack and must be laid before you set the tub parts to be inflated.All the inflation process happens through and automated pump. You just need to connect the tubes and turn it on. Often the inflatable hot tub is made of two parts: the bottom/outer part and the inner/pool side of the set. They both inflate at the same time but are just assembled together with a zipper or other kind of tying system – and this is really great for insulation and safety reasons.

Once the set is fully inflated, you have to fill it in on your own, making use of a garden hose for example. When the tub is ready to use, you can adjust how much hot you want the water to be and for how long you want it to keep heating. The same goes for the jet heads functioning, all can be adjusted and timed by digital controlling. The main difference between the system of an inflatable and a traditional hot tub is the disposition of the motor/engine that filters, heats and blows water and air. On traditional tubs it will be placed built-in, while on the inflatable one it is a sided appliance.

What are the benefits of an inflatable hot tub?

While they look like a cheap alternative version of traditional hot tubs, inflatable models are actually made with sophisticated alternative technology and are a gem of this kind, with a lot of benefits in detriment to an usual set of hot tub at your house. We covered here there most obvious advantages on getting on for you:

  • Costs: for sure the first eye popping benefit of an inflatable set like this is how affordable they are. As we said in the beginning of our guide, an inflatable hot tub can cost 80% less than traditional hot tubs, firstly because the material are not as expensive and second, because you will not need to set up a building site inside your house to built-in the tub in a specific location. Traditional hot tubs also require permanent pipe connections and electrical wiring, so if something goes wrong you have to open up walls, leading to more expenses. For very few investment you can get a hot tub at your place and set a social gathering with your friends or family.
  • Clever Build: many people think that since inflatable tubs are made of plastic materials they are very easily doomed to get punctured and useless. This is quite unlike with the models we have these days in the market. Most of them are made with the 3-ply technology, which ensures several layers of protection, so it will be very hard to puncture it unless you set the tub over pins. The construct of these tubs is also designed to make them quite damage proof. The inner pool is separated by the outer/bottom part and they both get assembled through a zipper or buttons system, which makes the tub itself much harder to be damaged. When something end up going wrong, is easy to fix and replace.
  • Portability: another great benefit of the inflatable hot tubs is the portability. Since you can inflate and deflate it, the set is very easily assembled anywhere. Some models can endure cold weather so you will be able to use it even during the fall and winter seasons, while installing a traditional hot tub in the open is a scenario unlike to many of those models and often has a higher cost. Most of the inflatable hot tubs also have a thermal insulating cover for that kind of use, so even during summer nights when you need to leave the tub for a while, you can cover it and keep it warm for longer.
  • Plug and use: since the heating and filtering system of these machines is not built-in, inflatable hot tubs work like any electrical appliance. You plug it on any electrical outlet and turn it on. These systems also make use of 110V electrical circuits, so they don’t require either too much power to heat or filter the water.
  • Maintenance: Inflatable hot tubs are easier to manage as they are of ease spot. The filtering cartridges can be cleaned weekly and are quite accessible to reach. The 2-filter systems will require replacing the cartridges every 3 weeks or more, considering a daily usage and depending for how long you stay on the tub, while 6-cartridge systems can endure almost 2 months.
  • Welfare: for last, and surely not least, these tubs will offer what all hot tubs are meant to: a pleasant relaxing moment to chill out. While the massaging jet models are much more therapeutic as they can provide the benefits of hydro massage tubs, even the bubble models offer a relaxing and comfortable moment as they sooth the skin smoothly. You share all this with your relatives and friends as hot tubs make some of the best social gathering spots in any season. Who doesn’t love a chat immersed on bubbling hot water?

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Hot Tub?

Size, electrical compatibility and extra features are some of the details that must be further analyzed and compared when you are choosing the best inflatable hot tub to suit your needs. While two models may be quite pair to one each other in excellence, the specific scenario where you will have to install the tub can pose the water shed decision maker.

  • Shape: While most tubs in general, either traditional or inflatable, have a round shape, but you can find many other shapes in the market, from square to octagonal to rectangular. This kind of detail is important to consider when you have other people in mind to get into the hot tub with you. Squared tubs are better for tall people as there will be less legs battles in the middle of the tub and people will not get uncomfortable easier. Round, circle-shaped tubs are ideal for thinner people or even for a romantic scenario as it is easier to get cosy. The visual impact also poses a difference that will suit more one or another taste.
  • Size: When you see models claiming is ideal for this or that number of people, first you have to bear in mind the size of your people. A 4 person profile may be claimed considering slim, average stature people, so if you have only 2 adults and kids, the tub will make room for more than 4 for sure. This scenario will interchange always depending of criteria of comfort for each person too.
  • Jet Heads: Bear in mind that not all inflatable tubs will provide the same kind of jets. If you are looking for a hot tub that works like a hydro massage too you have to stick with the models that have this kind of feature as bubble-only jets will not provide in full the massaging experience.
  • Cartridge System: the more cartridge filters a hot tub implements the better. When you have several filter cartridges the maintenance of the tub gets easier as you don’t have to replace them that often. While this kind of build is more often seen on hot tubs that have big capacity of water and people, whenever you spot them give it special preference. The replacing of cartridges on these tubs can take almost 2 years, a lot of time you save money and the bother.
  • Electrical rate: Is very unlike to see inflatable tubs with 220V systems, because they will not heat water over 104ºF, and the filtering and blowing systems don’t require a lot of potency. The 110V compatibility is unanimous so, while that doesn’t mean you cannot implement it on your 220V household system, you will need a transformer to make it work.
  • Materials: While most models make use of the same kind of fabric formula, you must check carefully how the fabric works for the set. How many layers? Does it work with a chamber system? It is water proof? Easy to clean? The outer fabric is soft or rigid? The materials used for the inner part and the outer part are often quite different and you have to be likewise careful to do not pick models that have a way too soft plastic for the pool/inner part.
  • Cover: if you spot a model that includes the cover, it is a plus, however don’t take the cover of an average model as an advantage just because it has a cover. They are quite important to keep your tub not only hotter for longer but also to protect the water from getting contaminated with sitting dust and any other contaminants from the air, from leaves to insects that may be really looking for water. Most brands that don’t include the cover sell it separately.
  • Warranty: as it always should be with any product you purchase, good warranty policies are essential, specially for a big product like this set with several different parts. The best models have at least 1 year of full covery, while others may offer lifetime limited warranty and others 2 or more years for parts and 1 years for the tub.

Quick Maintenance and Usage Tips Guide: How to Use an Inflatable Portable Hot Tub

Even before your purchase your inflatable hot tub, is good to bear in mind some routines you have to follow to take care of the tub appropriately so it can work well and ensure a wide lifespan.

Area of Installation: Where Can You Set Up the Inflatable Hot Tub?

Be sure you have an adequate area to install the inflatable hot tub you are looking for before you hit the Buy button. Each model has its own guidelines when it comes to external and internal implementation, so if you are looking for a hot tub to enjoy the cold seasons on your own private thermal water be sure the model is resistant to thermal stress as some models really can’t endure temperature way too cold, like to freezing and snowy degrees. As we said before, the area on the ground where you will install the tub must be preferentially thermal insulating. Cold stone floors are not recommended, wood, lawn or even sand and preferential. For cold scenarios, the installation of the set is better over windbreakers like a fence or a wall.

Inflation guidelines: What Level of Air Should the Tub Have?

Follow the instructions for inflation of the hot tub as you should not trespass the recommended PSI measure. For hot seasons this is quite important because the air will expand with heat, specially when the tub is set under the sun. Most pumps that are included with the hot tub include a gauge so you can check those measures. When you inflate too much the tub, pressure will start to damage the connections of the tub with jet heads, tubes and other orifices, and this will lead to leaks, so don’t overboard.

Water Treatment: How Often Should the Water in the Hot Tub Be Changed?

Inflatable hot tubs consume a lot of water, up to 250 gallons (almost 1000 L) so people will not be happy changing it every week as the water bill will become quite salty. On the other hand, the same water can’t be used forever, so soon or later you will have to replace it, but it all will depend on how often the inflatable hot tub is used and how well you treat the water.
Most manufacturers says that one daily occasional use will not require the water to be replaced for at least one month, but you must always be the final judge and the first one to avoid the contamination of the water.

You must be ready to perform the following routines to treat the water appropriately:

  • Cleaning the filter cartridges must happen weekly if you are using the tub on a daily basis. You can use hot water and dish soap to remove deposits and bleach to sanitize it properly. Rinse and wash it very well before placing it back. Some people will let it sit on a solution with bleach and water for a full clean up. Check every time whether the color of the cartridge is getting cloudy or not after the cleaning. When it it tainted beyond repair is time to replace for a new one. Manufacturers recommend the replacement every two weeks but once again, you are the final judge. Consider also the quality of the water to judge the replacement. When the filters must be replaced, the water also must be replaced.
  •  The water must be treated with chlorine and clarifier. One increases the pH of the water and the other reduces it. It is the balance of alkalinity and acidity of the water. Sometimes the water is new and clean but it becomes cloudy because the pH is too high, so you have to balance it with the alkaline. Just like a pool, is very important to treat the water. Some customers look for tubs that have a chlorine filtering system. That is quite unlike. Hot tubs need the chlorine to be up and about circulating in the water, otherwise it becomes quickly a bacteria colony infested, not to mention the proliferation of algae. Hot tubs are not showers or common bathroom tubs, you will not replace the water after use so you really need the chlorine, for better or for worse.

There is also extra chemical to treat the water like anti algae and clogging which will enhance the life span of the tubes and the water in the pool.

Before you get into the tub, shower and remove any body lotions, deodorants, perfume, make up and of course, get into the tub with your body properly hygienized and clean. Most of the contaminants of the water are solutions that come from your skin, from natural oil to all these toiletries that must be removed.If the model you are not purchasing doesn’t include a cover, buy one to keep the tub properly closed and avoid the contamination with external debris and insects. Cover the tub everytime after use.

Hot Tub Maintenance: How Often Should the Tub Be Cleaned?

Whenever you feel the cartridges should be replaced, is time to replace the water and clean up the whole tub altogether, so it will depend on how long it takes to the water get dirty for real.

  • Dump the water and once it is empty, perform the cleaning as you would do with your bathtub or shower, but do not make use of abrasive solutions and brushes. Once again, a solution with bleach and dish soap will break the ice. Wash it with a soft cloth, let the solution sit for a while and then wash it well before you fill in again the tub.
  • Some manufacturers recommend the cleaning of the tubes system with an anti-clog solution. That requires you to fill in a little bit the tub with clean new water, pour the solution and turn on the jet system to make the water circulate in the whole system and let it take action for the recommended amount of time. This anti-clog cleanig must be performed with the new cartridges already set. Dump the water after the anti-clog cleaning and fill in with another portion of clean water, turn on the jets again to wash any remains of the solution.
  • When this whole process is complete you can fill in the tub again and add the chemicals for the water treatment. Don’t forget to also clean the borders of the tub as they may accumulate dust, dirt and skin oil and you will be bringing it all back to the new water since people often place their arms on the borders.

Extra Accessories for your Inflatable Hot Tub

To finish our guide on inflatable hot tubs, is important to note that all manufacturers do not sell their hot tubs with sitting sets, not to mention the models that do not include covers. Let take a look on some models of extra accessories that can make your experience even more complete inside the hot tub as well as tips to whether you should purchase them or not.

  • Seats: Bear in mind that inflatable hot tubs, as well as most hot tubs in general, are not deep enough to require sitting spots. All inflatable models come with a air cushioned floor that is quite enough to make you comfortable and still insulate the tub. Optionally though, you can purchase seats, while they are not essential to use the tub, specially because it will lift you up and make the immersion less effective. For people who are short, as well as kids, though, the seats can enhance the comfort.

However, two details must be taken into consideration here to purchase a good seat: the weight and the build of the seat. Some brands manufacture quite flawed inflatable seats. They have been proved inefficient as they will float back to the surface or will move all the time with the strength of the jet streams. You have to consider specially heavy pillow seats that are immersible.

  • Headrest: They are already popular among traditional hot tub users and can be purchased and used as well on inflatable tubs. All you need is a water proof head rest and a steady affixation system. Some of the manufacturers of our list have their headrest sets designed specially to fit the curves of their tubes.
  • Cupholder: Enjoying your tub also includes drinking, and placing your beverages on the floor is really not convenient. You can set a cupholder tray on the border of the tub and, once again, some manufacturers have these trays developed specially to fit the curves of the tub.
  • Waterproof Speakers: You can’t bring your smartphone to the tub, but you can still listen to your favorite music while bathing in your tub and, likewise, keep answering and making calls whenever you need through the waterproof Bluetooth speakers. These little guys are a great addition for showering, bathing and swimming, you can finally set the party in the hot tub with loud music and keep your fix on your cellphone.
  • Beach Umbrella: If you are setting your hot tub in the open during the summer, a beach umbrella, or sunbrella, can be really a cool add to the set as you will not have to worry about a harsher sun during the midday and, specially, because is not recommended to get into the tub using sunblock. Many beach umbrellas can be set besides the tub and enhance your comfort and ensure your protection against the noxious UVA rays.

Summing Up

While inflatable hot tubs are not crappy inflatable kid pools, is important to follow these advices whether it comes to choose the best model for your taste and also how to take care and manage your inflatable hot tub.

Don’t forget to check our list with some reviews for the cool accessories you can set with your hot tub and, for further information on how to take care of the water of your tub, we recommend a reading on the great water treatment guide Lay-Z-Spa developed for its customers, where you will find all the info you need on chemicals required to treat the water, dosages and how often you should perform these routines.