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Last updated: August 29th 2016

They are not something new anymore these days when we are talking about shower, but somehow LED shower heads are still less an alternative, less thought option when it comes to shower heads, but they can offer all standard shower heads do with the plus of a set of pleasant lights that can even help you to know, whether the water is cold, warm or whatsoever state.

We selected an initial pack of six of the best LED shower head models available in the market for 2016, with options of the best reviewed and sold models. We were also careful to include in this first batch a variety of different types of sprays, so you can know that LED shower heads are available for all kinds of heads and showering preferences.

Best LED Shower Head with Reviews in 2016

Hiendure® LED Shower Head

Hiendure® LED Shower HeadHow about merging the best of the rain shower world with the best a LED set can offer for your showering? Hiendure is a famous faucet and shower heads brand in America and this is likewise one of their most famous models and one of the best rated and sold LED shower models these days. The brand developed four different sizes of rain shower heads with the LED set embedded as a feature, and you can have it up to 12-inch wide on your shower stall, a lot of water coverage.The LED shower head here has its most functional use: it works as a water temperature measure, switching from red to green and blue to indicate when the water is too hot, ideal for showering and too cold, respectively. As most modern models, this LED system doesn’t require a rechargeable battery, it works with the turbine converter that will transform water running on the head into energy to light up the LED lamps.While the design of this shower head is developed for top-mounted installation, it is compatible with standard pipe connections, 0.5-inch wide, so you can as well connect to wall pipe lines that have the end properly curved to the floor. It is made on stainless steel and dyed black, to match the most minimalist and modern decor sets, while the nozzles are made on ABS white plastic to make the cleaning easier. Besides the 12-inch version, you can get it as well on 10-inch.

DreamSpa® All Chrome 3-way LED Shower Head

DreamSpa® All Chrome 3-way LED Shower HeadThe second model of our list is a DreamSpa model, another renowned brand in America that delivers here a great, modern LED shower head quite functional. The disc of nozzles of this model is circular and quite versatile, as you are able to adjust the angle of the disc’s face and make it work as a great wall-mounted, high-pressure shower head.The head is 4-inch wide so you will enjoy the high-pressure and the rotation to get the best performance out of it. But the best thing of this LED shower head is the fact it is not only one head, but two LED shower heads in one set. There is a steady, affixed head, and a handheld option connected to a 5 ft. hose. They both have the same size and both work with the LED system.The LEDs here also work as an indicative of the water temperature, alternating between green, blue and red, so it is useful even to indicate if the water is coming even on both ends, the affixed head and the handheld one. The 3-way diverter that comes with this model also enables you to work with only one or another head or both at the same time.As a wall-mounted high-pressure shower head it surely could not miss a variety of different sprays. Through the dialer on the face of the nozzles’ disc you can select either a jet massage spray, a full body spray or both working together. For rinsing, you can set it on the pause mode to block the water with no need to turn off the shower. The nozzle disc of both heads are free adjustable to several angles, so you get the picture here, a lot of different variations for a quite customizable showering time.This model is available on polished chrome finishing but includes nozzles made of anti-deposit rubber material.

PowerSpa® Luminex LED Handheld Shower Head

PowerSpa® Luminex LED Handheld Shower HeadFor a price a little bit more affordable, and likewise, a set of LED light less functional, the PowerSpa Luminex is a handheld LED shower head that includes a set of seven different colors that will change randomly to offer a pleasant, beautiful shower experience. This is the first model of our list where the LEDs won’t have the functional feature they provide on most models, but the plus of this kind of LED shower head is the variety of colors and the beauty of such interchangeable colors.Above all, the Luminex is a powerful handheld shower head 4-inch wide, with 4 different settings of water spray, the full body spray (Rain), the high-pressure jet (Massage), both sprays together and the pause mode for rinsing. The face of the disc is all made on ABS plastic, with translucid material, not only providing a luminescent spread of the colors as well as it makes it easy to clean up the nozzles, even though they are anti-deposit.Like most handheld shower heads in the market, this one matches standard 0.5-inch pipe lines, so you can connect it to any shower system. Includes a hose 60-inch long and is available on polished chrome finish.

Ezdozit High-Pressure LED Shower Head

Ezdozit High-Pressure LED Shower HeadMerging the functionality of the LED lights showing the water temperature with a clear indicative of how warm/cold it is through a digital LED display, the Ezdozit LED shower head is a great handheld shower with a 4-inch wide face, made on white ABS plastic that is compatible as well with standard pipe lines, so you can easily connect it to your showering plumbing system with just a few screws.The LED system of this handheld shower heads has a LED display that will show the temperature of the water, so you can take note when the ideal temperature is set for you and always look for it in the next showering. As a handheld shower head, this set also offers a high-pressure jet, though it doesn’t have multi spray settings.This mode is quite affordable and offers a functionality that is rarely seen in LED shower heads, a worthy purchase.

YOA LED Shower Head with Negative Ionic Filter

YOA LED Shower Head with Negative Ionic FilterAnother handheld model that has not only one, but two plus features to make it a cool purchase, the YOA is a handheld LED shower head that also make use of the LED lights to indicate water temperature, but it also features an exclusive ionic filter.There are very few handheld shower heads out there with filter systems, specially because they rely on the hose to filter, and most models sell only the head. YOA merged the filter system with the LED lights and gives you a great deal of functional shower head. If you are not familiar with filter, you can also check our list of best filters for shower heads to know a bit more about it, but in a nut shell, they will get rid of excessive chlorine and other impurities of the water.Some people may not like too much of handheld filters because they can reduce the water pressure as they offer an obstacle to the water stream, but this model is built with an adequate head to make the water accumulate strength to be release properly. As an indicative, it works with LED lights which require water pressure to gather power and light up.The filter is made on ABS transparent plastic while the head is made on the same plastic but with an chrome polished finish.

RICHYN ® LED Shower Head

RICHYN ® LED Shower HeadThe last model of our list is one more LED shower head for the fun and beauty, but this one, with a quite affordable price, offers a quite unique rainbowy set of colors. There are seven colors that will interchange but not separately. The brand did a great job to intercalate up to 3 colors at the same time with beautiful results, the kind of LED shower head that really looks beautiful in your bathroom and can as well be very catchy for kids.As a handheld head per se, this model is no disappointment at all for this price. While it only works with one jet spray, it provides great pressurized water and has a 4-inch wide disc face. One of the reasons it also quite affordable is the material of the the whole set, made on ABS plastic and finished on polished chrome. The hose is not included in this set but can be purchased separately.

Quick Buying Guide: What is the difference of a LED Shower Head?

As we have seen many LED shower heads with many different types of sprays, it is clear that they can be wall-mounted, handheld, slide bars or rain shower, top-mounted models, so versatility to work with many different options of showering is a plus other complementary technologies for showers do not have (Bluetooth speakers, for example).
These models are built with LED lights that work either through energy produced by the water pressure or with the help of rechargeable batteries. The latter is less common these days as it represents the proto types of LED shower heads. Most modern models make use of a little turbine built-in that will convert pressure of the water into energy. All the models you have seen in our list work like that. As LED lamps consume very few energy, this is impressively enough to make them work while you are showering. This kind of extra can be implemented in any shower head regardless of the spray or type of shower head.

What are the advantages of LED shower heads?

LED shower heads are not just for decor. While they are for sure an addition to the decoration of the bathroom, most of these heads are designed to indicate when the water is hot, cold or tepid. There are also rainbow sets that may work only as a chromotherapy means to make the showering more relaxing and pleasant. All in all, the LED shower heads enhance the shower experience to many different levels and, while they are not all about decor, they surely ultimately offer this addition likewise to your bathroom.

What to Look for when buying LED shower head?

As we mentioned above, there are LED shower heads that work with rechargeable batteries. While they are not bad, they are not as convenient as LED shower heads that make use of the water during the shower to produce energy. Whenever you can, avoid the rechargeable batteries. The heads that come with this kind of power source often offer more powerful LED lights that can work as a second light source in the ambient. Otherwise, the LED shower heads are simple and with a dim brightness, they don’t require so much energy to work and you will be better with a set like that if you don’t want to recharge batteries once in a while.

We also mentioned that LED shower heads are actually an addition to many different types of shower heads, so basically you don’t need to have a new shower set just because you are looking for a head with LED lights. You can look for a match for the current shower set you already have, just need to check whether the pipes match to the diverter of the LED shower head. Some brands also develop special units for established lines of shower heads with the alternative LED addition. If that’s not the case there is always a manufacturer that will do something that is a match for your shower, trust us.

Summing Up

This is just a brief synthesis of what the world of LED shower heads can offer as the possibilities are just limitless these days when it is very easy to produce energy with the running water of the shower. We included a good example of the most common, successful and high-quality models available, but surely you will see in the near future where else the LED lights can merge with in the shower heads’ world with quality above all.

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