Best Rain Shower Head 2016

Last updated: August 29th 2016

They are often associated with the idea of refinement and luxury, and that is not in vain. Rain shower heads are the best you can get from shower heads when it comes to water galore. These heads are quite wide, most of the cases the double of a wall-mounted regular shower head, so the water spread here – as well as waste – is much bigger. While these models were the first to win the households throughout the Western world, they are still being produced and favored by many people who enjoy showering with generous amount of water.

We selected ten of the best rain shower head models available these days in the market, from the most fancy and expensive to the most accessible and budget-option alike, but still keeping a high-quality profile for all of them. Also, these suggestions are all updated to the best rain shower heads available for 2016, so you can be sure to be knowing and reading about really the best high-tech options at your dispose these days.

 Best Rain Shower Heads with Reviews

 KOHLER K-13688-BN

KOHLER K-13688-BNStarting our list of the best rain shower heads for 2016 we have this robust and fancy model developed by Kohler. The K-13688-BN has a quite wide, 8-inch large head. It provides though an economic output of water, 2.5 gpm. While it is a rain shower and doesn’t have to work with high-pressure, the large head makes the job efficiently using few water because the head is quite slim too, creating a spray more dense and concentrated than usual.

This smart design is called the Katalyst Spray technology. Due to this build, the shower head can provide the drenching rain experience even if it is using only 2.5 gpm. Older, more traditional models would consume up to 5 to 9 gpm, which is a lot of wasted water.The nozzles system of the head is also a smart plus. Like many models these days, the nozzles are made of translucid silicone. As a synthetic material, it will not result in limescale deposit and any kind of organic deposits that may form depending where you live can be easily cleaned as the nozzles are flexible. And with the transparent feature, you can check if it is for sure clean.This model is available on several different finishes, and the prices will depend on the material and the texture of the finishing. There are most recurrent metals alloys used in this kind of head shower, like stainless steel to bronze, chrome, nickel and brass, all them available either on polished or brushed finishing.

Delta 57740-SS

Delta 57740-SSThis Delta model, developed by Delta Faucet, is not that different from the Kohler model we have just seen, only big difference is the shape – squared – and the nozzles that are not transparent. Delta has a lot of great shower heads, this one is no different while it is slightly more accessible than the Kohler model. The square build is a different option for more modern, industrial decor sets, as well as this model is available only in two different finishes quite minimalist.The shower head is also 8-inch wide, but since this is a square, there is technically more spray than a round head of the same size. Even though, this head also consumes 2.5 gpm. The nozzles are made of ABS plastic, white, and will not allow limescale deposit either. The rain shower spray of this model is quite smooth and less pressurized, mimetizing with more accuracy the rain shower drain. You can get it either on polished chrome or brushed stainless steel.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Hansgrohe 27474001The third model of our list is a high-quality Hansgrohe with a circular head. While its design is quite slim and compact, this shower head deliver a more complex water spray as a rain shower due to the use of air infiltrated water stream. It is Hansgrohe own aerated spray, while it doesn’t resemble a champagne spray output, the droplets here are softer, bigger while lighter and spread more water as they are filled up with air.This is the RainAir technology, which is designed on the core of the silicone nozzles. The orifices are like most silicone nozzles, easy to clean and anti-deposit built, as well as transparent. You will notice that this shower head, while quite slim, is wider than usual. It is almost 9.5-inch wide, is a lot of water cover and, once again, it will not waste water, consuming a 2.5 gpm of water.The Hansgrohe rain shower head model is available on two different finishes: either brushed nickel or polished chrome.

Moen S6320 Velocity

Moen S6320 VelocityThe Velocity rain shower head is Moen’s compact and versatile head of this kind of spray, working not only as a singular, traditional rain shower, but also a multi-spray head that enables the use of high-pressure to provide a more concentrated spray, like a smoother version of what would be a jet spray of a wall-mounted shower head.It also has a circular 8-inch wide head with silicone nozzles, though they are anti-deposit built, they are not transparent, but easy to clean nonetheless.This is one of the few models on our list that is designed to be used as a wall-mounted rain shower: the spray is surely rain shower built, but the design of the head is developed to be deployed inclined against the wall. It will work like that though if you buy the whole set of this shower head, with the pipe and diverter for the wall, on the other hand you can connect the head to regular suspended pipes for traditional rain shower, as well as for a top-mounted design of shower.

The different thing about this head though is the leveler that enables you to turn it into a pressurized rain shower. If you turn it up, the spray will work on higher pressure and the jet will be more concentrated, harsher, useful to rinse out faster. On normal mode it will work like a old-fashioned rain shower, consuming 2.5 gpm of water. There is a WaterSense version though with 2.0 gpm for those who would like a more economic rain shower.It is available on three different alloys: bronze, nickel and chrome, either on brushed or polished finishes.

Pulse 1019 Aqua Rain

Pulse 1019 Aqua RainIf you like to have variety while showering and don’t want to ditch the rain shower spray, this Pulse Aqua Rain offers a rain shower with a handheld head and a slide bar bonus to make the handheld work customizable. While it is not only the head that is sold here, rather a whole set, this Pulse model is quite affordable when it comes to its total price and all the units that are included. Plus, the whole set is made of brass and finished with polished chrome, while the nozzles are made on ABS plastic.This set also has multi function spray. If you want it to only work with the rain shower, or the handheld, you can opt for one or another. On the other hand, if you want both of them working together, you just have to set the leveler to keep the flow running for both heads. The slide bar is great to make the handheld shower head useful for kids and when showering pets. There is also a soap dish included in the slide bar which is optional to be installed with the set.Both heads work with a 2.5 gpm flow rate, even though whey they are working together they will consume 5 gpm as the spray will not smooth out for both heads, keeping its normal flow rate. The rain shower head is 8-inch wide while the handheld is 4-inch.

YAWALL Rainfall Shower Head

YAWALL Rainfall Shower HeadOne more square-headed rain shower head for you, this YAWALL model is a plus on our list as it offers many different sizes of the same model, including the largest model of our list, a 16-inch wide rain shower head. The brand developed also options on 12, 10 and 8 inches, depending on the output you wish for your shower, you can get a different solution. The 16-inch head, the family size, offers an incredible coverage for two people, is great for those who have to shower kids in their early years as well as you can make the shower experience something to save time with your partner, nobody needs to wait for its turn, the showering can be a shared experience.All versions of the YAWALL Rainfall are made on polished chrome, as the nozzles are translucid silicone, anti-deposit and very easy to clean.

Delta RP52382 Touch Clean

Delta RP52382 Touch CleanThis more compact rain shower developed by Delta Faucet is a good budget option that works also very well for top-mounted showers projects. It is a traditional one spray only shower head with ABS plastic nozzles. The head of this shower is a big plus for this model, as it is almost 9-inch wide, so you get a lot of coverage even though it doesn’t work as a high-pressure shower, as it is meant to be.The Touch Clean is also an economic shower head. With that large head, you will get a 2.5 gpm flow rate, while there is a lot of coverage it doesn’t means waste of water. The brand developed this model specially for the Rizu bath line they developed, but like most shower heads, it can work with most plumbing systems as the connection of the head matches standard pipe sizes. It is available also on more than one finish option, chrome, brass, bronze and stainless steel.

AKDY AZ-6021

AKDY AZ-6021One more budget option for you with high quality, this rain shower head developed by AKDY is affordable specially because it is made of  ABS plastic, so the prices get quite demure with this material. Only the shower head connection is made of brass. Models all made on plastic like this are not only more affordable as they are easier to install and will most likely never show problems with limescale deposit.Also, it is a 8-inch wide head, a squared head, and like the Delta 57740-SS – second model of our list – this means there is more water spray than you would get from a head of the same size but circular. The water flow here is also a standard for economic showers, a 2.5 gpm flow rate.

H2oVibe with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

H2oVibe with Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerIf you are looking for an affordable option that comes with some high-tech extras, this is a good opportunity to bring music into your shower stall. This H2o model is a compact rain shower with an Bluetooth speaker included in the center of the shower. The specifications of the shower head itself are a bit different than what you would get from a standard rain shower model: its head is almost 9-inch wide and works with a 2.5 gpm flow rate. Even tough it offers a more pressurized output than most models, so you can even have it as a wall-mounted shower as this head is also customizable when it comes to angle when installing it.The Bluetooth speaker offers a great solution to merge your phone with the showering time. You will not only be able to listen to music while taking a shower as you will also be able to answer phone calls. The Bluetooh works up to 33 feet away from the shower, all you need is your smartphone to be compatible with the latest version of Bluetooth and able to run the app of the speakers.And as a plus, the shower head has its nozzles disc made of ABS plastic while the outer cover of the head is made of polished chrome.

Thunderhead – TH2.5

Thunderhead - TH2.5The TH2.5 offers a lot of great functions with few resources. It was already mentioned on our ultimate guide since it really is one of the best shower heads you can get out there, and as a rain shower, it is one more model that works with high-pressure while can serve as a traditional rain shower. The TH2.5 has a slim design so, working with the 2.5 gpm rate, it can also offer high-pressure jet because it is likewise a thin, 1.5-inch thick head.That design enables a water flow that is highly pressurized while you still benefit of a full, wide coverage showering, with the 7-inch disc head. But one cool thing about the TH2.5 is the fact you can customize the jet pressure according to how much water you enable to run during the shower. so the more you release the faucet of the shower, the stronger the jets gets.As a plus, the TH2.5 has a free adjustment setting. The head can be rotated to so you will either have a rain shower fall or make it work like a wall-mounted device. It is made of white ABS plastic, including the nozzles.

Quick Buying Guide: What is a Rain Shower Head and what makes it different from other models?

To make it more clear for those who are looking for a rain shower head but don’t know exactly how they works – but do know they often are the better, fanciest models – rain shower heads are the most traditional type of shower spray, a very natural droplets fall that will make few use of pressure and so, works also very well on houses where the water pressure is problematic. Rain shower heads, as the name suggest, mimic the water fall of the rain. The spray is quite smooth and is often preferred for those who don’t enjoy harsher sprays.

What are the benefits of rain shower heads?

The first and more eye popping benefit of rain showers is their wide heads and vertical spray fall. Different from wall-mounted handheld shower heads, the rain shower do great top-mounted showers and, even if assembled on the wall with the standard plumbing system for showers, they remain vertically aligned. This provides a complete coverage of the body as well as the spray is straight forward to the bottom. This makes rain showers even a more tidy, neat option of showering as there will be less spill of water all over the shower stall. For people who have a demure shower stall with plastic curtains, wall-mounted shower may be too messy while this one will send water straight down to the floor opposed to a broad, spread horizontal spray of water provided by other types of shower heads.

What to Look for on the best rain shower head?

First and foremost, be sure that the rain shower model you are looking for doesn’t have pressure requirements to work appropriately. As we said previously, the main benefit of rain shower is working with no need to pressure to provide the natural rain falling. On the other hand, there are models, including some of this list, that can provide different sprays, more pressurized jets that are an additional and welcoming option, but they may need some pressure requirements or are designed to provide high-pressure jets. You should also check that as the latter setting is really great to give you the best of both worlds with few resources.Is also important to note that rain showers can be water wasters if they are way too much traditional. These days most models come with a 2.5 gpm setting to provide economic showering even with the wide heads of rain showers, on the other hand there are models that can spend more than that. If you don’t want to see you water bill with more digits than usual be aware to stick to the economic models.

Summing Up

If you compare the prices and specs of rain showers with other types of shower heads, you will notice they will be often more expensive while they offer much less diversity when it comes to water spray. That is because rain shower are bigger and often with more fancy, elegant designs. All this add to the fact they require more materials, often metallic alloys, to be crafted, which is basically why they cost more, so is all about personal taste and a budget to invest on fancy looks and generous water spray.

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