Best Shower Head Reviews

Last updated: August 29th 2016

A good shower can be as complex and refined as a good bath tub, and the numerous options in the market don’t make this purchase any easier when you have to select and analyze many different models and brands available these days. However, things get easier when you start by picking your choices based on the core of a shower, the shower head. They determine not only the kind of shower you are getting as well as the showering mechanism it will provide (high pressure jet, rain shower, aerated spray, etc…) which is, firstly, very important to know based on the infra-structure you house offers and surely, based on what you appreciate when showering.

Here you will find the ultimate guide to get the best shower head for your house, your taste, your pockets and your preferences of a good and relaxing shower, and we will help you through this ingenious and diverse universe of shower heads telling you all you need to know to make the best purchase, including many reviews of the best shower heads for 2016 to guide you better through the thousands of options available in the market.

In this section you will find a total of 12 different reviews for what we consider the best shower heads based on buyers ratings, cost benefit, quality and type of shower head. We did a careful analysis of what is really renowned and approved, including fancy models and more budget alike ones to give you the best of both worlds and we will go through them telling you why exactly they made our list. If you want to jump directly to the review you can scroll down a bit more to get to the reviews subhead, but before that we thought it would be really cool and essential to guide you through the ABCs of shower heads so you will in fact understand what we are talking about in the reviews if you are really a newbie in this universe. And here we go…

Best Shower Heads in 2016 with Reviews

Finally, let’s get to check the reviews of some of the best shower heads for this year. There are twelve different models and they are sorted here by an overall descending order of quality, which considers price, rate, features and so on.

Hansgrohe 27474001

Hansgrohe 27474001The first of our list is the fancy and sturdy Hansgrobe, a rain shower head that provides not only a simple rain water stream, but an aerated rain spray. Made on a chrome-plated disc for the head, it is 9.5 inches wide, so you get a quite generous cover of water over your head.The brand developed an exclusive pattern of aerated spray with their AirPower technology, as the nozzles are design to blend water with air to provide a bubbly drops experience. This stream however is different from the standard champagne spray that is more diluted and smooth.The nozzles are made of silicone, a very friendly material for cleaning up, so it will be really hard for them to get obstructed as you can easily remove any deposits with few efforts. While it provides a generous body spray, it consumes only 2.5 gpm.

Moen S6320 Velocity Shower Head

Moen S6320 Velocity Shower HeadThis model of shower head developed by Moen is a more flexible model that offer two different spray patterns easily adjusted manually. The S6320 Velocity is also a rain shower, but it can be converted to a higher-pressure spray stream, specially useful for houses where the water pressure is not helpful and the water stream can be too weak for a rain shower. The high pressure mechanism works within the shower head, so regardless of the infrastructure of your house, it can provide a strong full body spray.Made on brushed chrome finish, it is discreet and neutral for decors where the plumbing is supposed to be demure, as well as it will endure well any kind of corrosion. The disc of the shower head is 8-inch wide, not a small one either, so you get a full body cover. The standard water consumption for this shower head is 2.5 gpm, but there is an optional version that works with 2.0 gpm.

Kohler K-10282-CP

Kohler K-10282-CPThe Kohler K-10282-CP brings you the renowned quality of Kohler showers which is quite famous in the industry. While this mode is a single function wall-mounted shower head, it works with moderate water pressure to provide a focused jet from its 5.5-inch wide disc. Different from most common wall-mounted showers, the jet stream of this shower head is not too harsh, but it offers a full body cover.The brand developed the model in three different finishes, all them are though brushed metallic finish, the fanciest one being the nickle brushed. You can also find the chrome and bronze versions for smaller prices. It has a 2.5 gpm water consumption rate.

Knox Showerhead and Bluetooth Music/Phone Speaker

Knox Showerhead and Bluetooth Music Phone SpeakerKnox is getting famous for this accessible wall-mounted shower head equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. This model is one of the best of its kind even though it offers a single-function full body spray and is not a high-pressure jet as most wall-mounted showers. The speaker is included in the center of the shower head and comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery you can detach and plug via USB to any electronic device to recharge the battery.Its Bluetooth technology is updated with the version 3.0 of the firmware and offers a 32 feet range of connection, around 10 meters, enough to let your phone, computer or any other device streaming the music far away from the water of the shower. Another great feature is the phone call answer. You can answer calls while showering. For last, but not least, it offers a 2.5 gpm ration to make it even better.

Kohler K-9245-CP Bluetooh Shower Head

Kohler K-9245-CP Bluetooh Shower HeadOne more Bluetooh option for your selection, this wall-mounted shower head though is developed by Kohler and has to offer their exclusive quality merged with the Bluetooh speaker that can be detached and used anywhere.Not that much different from the Knox model, the Bluetooth version here is 3.0, it works 32 feet away, answer calls, plays your music, but the battery recharging requires you to wire it somewhere as the shower head includes a charger cord. It is also an economic shower head with a 2.5 gpm ration.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Shower Head

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Shower HeadWhile this model is more accessible than the previous ones, it is one of the most complete and flexible. The SS5450CBN shower head is a handheld shower head that includes 5 different spray features but, most importantly, it also includes a fixed wall-mounted shower head. Both heads are identical, but one of them is conveniently handleable, like handheld shower heads are supposed to be.The great thing however of this shower head – both heads actually – is the 5 spray patterns: aerated spray (bubble spray), jet stream spray (called massage here) and full body spray (called saturated). There is also tow combos of two spray pattern: the aerated and the full body spray and the full body with the jet stream spray.Probably the reason why this is more accessible than other showers is the fact its core is made of plastic, even though it has a brushed nickel finish and a PVD coating layer protecting from corrosion.Best of all, is a quite economic shower, 5-inch wide disk with a 2.31 to 2.35 gpm rate.

Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head

Speakman S-2005-HB Shower HeadSpeakman is among the best and most traditional brands of shower heads, and this model specifically is quite popular, from gyms to hotels and most standard lodging places. The S-2005-HB is quite compact, a fine wall-mounted shower head. It includes the Anystream 360 patented technology that enables a full body spray spread of water and a versatile performance for up to 5 different adjustments of spray patterns, including a focused strong massage jet spray. The adjustment can be set easily with the leveler.As it is made of sturdy durable plastic, the price is quite much more accessible than metallic models. It is a 2 to 2.5 gpm water consumption and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

AKDY AZ6021 Rain Style

AKDY AZ6021 Rain StyleThis elegant and minimalist rain shower comes with a sleek squared design, all made in plastic, making it also quite affordable, even though it is finished on polished chrome to make it even more refined and impressive for modern decor sets.The shower head is 8 squared inch wide and works with a normal water flow stream, and while you can adjust it to work on higher pressure, you can handle the head to provide a specific angle as the stream is not weak and can produce direct straight jets. Above all, this model is also an economic one, with 2.5 gpm of water consumption.

Thunderhead TH2.5 Shower Head

Thunderhead TH2.5 Shower HeadThunderhead developed a quite versatile model that, despite being a wall mounted model, also works as a rain shower depending on the adjustment of pressure you set for the shower. As a standard setting, it will make use of its high-pressure chamber to make any kind of plumbing system provide powerful jet streams. As a plus, the disc of the shower head is 7-inch wide, enough to provide a full body spray experience.You can adjust the shower head to any customizable angle, so you can either let it work as a wall-mounted or adjust it to stream the water vertically. You can also lower the shower and move it sideways, ideal for all members of the family, including kids. It is a standard 2.5 gpm shower.

Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan WSH-C125While this Culligan model is one of the most accessible of our list, is offers some of the best features that no other models here have for you. If you live in cities where water is not that trust-worthy even for showering, a good model with a filtering system is a must have. The Culligan WSH-C125 model already comes with a filter system embedded in the shower head, and it will filter excessive chlorine from the water, scale and many other impurities and toxins.As a plus, this shower head has 5 different spray patterns, from a powerful jet stream to a smooth full body spray. After 10000 gallons of water consumed, you have to replace the filter for a new one, so around every 6 months is time for a new filter. This is a standard time ratio considering most filter available in the market. You can buy filter separately and attach them to any shower head. You can check our extra section after the reviews to know how to get a filter attachment and how they work.

Waterpik AST 233C Aquascape

Waterpik AST 233C AquascapeFor those who would like an affordable shower wall-mounted shower yet made on polished chrome instead of plastic, this Waterpik model is surely one of the best options. As an affixed water mounted model, it provides a wider range of covering: 10-inch wide shower head disc, one of the largest models for this price and with good quality available.But the bonuses about this shower head are not finished. You have two options of spray patterns, either a full body spray or a power jet spray. The latter is comprised pf 25 p inner nozzles that will spray with high pressure a focused jet of water. For the full spray, all the nozzles, 50 total, are put to work.As most models, Waterpik also offers a quite economic model here as its flow rate is 2.5 gpm.

BSB Homewhare Luxury LED Hand Showerheda

BSB Homewhare Luxury LED Hand ShowerhedaWe couldn’t finish this essential first list of best shower heads without a model of the trendy LED shower heads. The BSB Homewhare Luxury Rainbow Effect shower head is a quite affordable and simple head you can attach to most handheld shower heads in the market. It is a 5-inch wide disc that connects easily to this standard of handheld shower heads, remember though it is the screwing head kind and the model doesn’t come with the hose or handheld (even though this brand sells separately those options for those looking for it).The head has 12 different LED lights and they are feed by a turbine that converts the water pressure into energy, so there are not batteries to replace after a while, they will work for as long as the LED lights live, which is up and beyond 30k hours of showering.This is a 2.5 gpm shower and works with only one full body spray option.

Buying Guide for The Best Shower Head – How to Choose a Best Model

As we just said, the shower head is the core of the shower since it will determine a lot of things about the shower you are getting, so is important to know the basic types of shower heads mostly common in the market these days, as well as the type of water streams they can provide, in other words, the shower head spray.
There is a relation between the pressure of the water and the types of head showers and sprays and, in the same sense, this relation is important to know so you can realize whether you can have one or another type of shower head in your bathroom as you will see following.

Types of Shower Head

Low Flow Shower HeadsThis is the blue print of showers in general, the first type of shower and the most simple of all them mimics the rain fall: low pressure water (or no pressure at all) falling vertically over your head and body. Rain showers often have quite wide heads and work with a very smooth and natural water stream, some are almost droplets of water streaming fast. But most importantly, rain showers are steady shower heads, they provide just the vertical rain spray and can’t be adjusted to provide other different sprays. On the other hand, even though they don’t rely on pressure systems, the higher the flow of water you adjust, the higher will be the pressure, in the head, specially if the head is small or quite slim, so the jet can provide a harsher spray depending on how you control the water stream during the showering.

  • Top-Mount Shower Heads

Top-Mount Shower HeadsThey are similar to rain showers but, instead being an extension from pipes on the wall, the top-mount shower head works like a ceiling light, installed quite close to the ceiling. This is an ultimate trend that, either benefits people quite tall, as well as it provides, optionally, a harsher rain shower experience as the water stream falls heavier. This kind of shower is more reinvigorating and it is stimulating. Some models also can provide a high-pressure jet stream, for those who want an even more stimulating jet of water.

Wall-Mounted-Shower-HeadsThe wall-mount shower heads are the second standard showers these days as they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to water spray. Different from the rain showers, these shower heads were developed to offer a harsher spray with two goals: saving water as the shower head is much smaller and focusing the potential of the water to shower your body, clean and also massage. Most wall-mounted shower heads have a standard high pressure shower head mechanism but for a while many brands are developing multi-adjustment water streams, so you can set the shower head for a smoother jet or a customized stream pattern. The last one is developed on high-tech latest models that digitally create a specific pattern of water stream to make the jet of water slide through your body.

From the wall-mounted technologies also comes the body spa shower panels that can deploy the same kind of massaging mechanism with several different heads, all installed along the wall like a panel that provides different water spray heads.

Best Handheld Shower HeadJust like the wall-mount heads, the handheld showers are an alternative to save water and focus the potential of the spray. They have small heads and are designed to be handled like a hose, even though most of them come with a support system so you can affix it in the wall and use both hands to wash your body. Is not a standard for them to work with high-pressure systems like the wall-mount jets, but is optional. Just like the rain shower, the pressure and harshness of the water spray depends on how strong is the water flow you adjust but, since they have quite small heads and designed to be held, the pressure of the spray will have a much wider variation. On the other hand, some models come with mechanisms to work with high pressure system, just like the wall-mount shower heads, and some of these latest models can provide different adjustments of spray, as well as some fancy, state of art features, like LED lights, for chromotherapy enthusiasts or, simply, a beautiful decor set for your bathroom during the showering.

  • Sliding bar Shower Heads

Sliding bar Shower HeadsThe sliding bar is not that much different from the handheld shower head, but it is actually designed to work mostly affixed in the wall, sliding through a vertical bar that will make the shower highly customizable for many different people, based on their height. Kids can have a shower closer to their heads and quite tall people don’t need to dodge anymore the affixed shower heads. Plus, you can as well detach the shower head and use it as a handheld shower.

LED Shower HeadsAs we mentioned before, the latest shower models are implementing LED lights into the shower heads for many different reasons, like aesthetics, ambience and even chromotherapy. The idea is not weird or silly at all as there were many bath tub systems with lightning displays to provide the same kind of relaxing/stimulating/contemplative results. The nice thing about LED shower heads is the fact they are replicas of many renowned, standard models, only with the additional of the LED lights as a plus. The lights will turn on either by a battery system you have to replace from time to time or a turbine mechanism that converts the pressure of the water into energy to light up the shower head. Some models have a random switch of colors, others are manually adjustable. Once you got the LED shower head, all you have to do is to manually replace the standard shower head of your shower for the LED one.

Shower Heads with Bluetooth SpeakersOne more feature that comes to create ambience and relaxation, shower heads with Bluetooth speakers are getting quite popular in the last years. As everybody is already so attached to their phones, they can also provide some extra functionality when you are showering: music. Since smartphones are better off away from water, steam, moist, you can stream music from your phone while it is in your room or any other adjacent room, depending how far goes the range of the Bluetooth in the shower head speaker. Most importantly, many models comes with some really cool speakers that can really set a shower party over your head.

Types of Fixture Finish

While there will be many different and exquisite designs for each of the shower head types, one important thing to take into consideration is the finish of the shower fixture. There are many different options of metallic finish in the market, but all them are, for sure, metal, but you certainly will not be let down by a lack of variation to match the decor of your bathroom. Some of the most commonly used in the market these days are following:

  •  Polished metals: chrome, nickel, bronze, brass and stainless steel are the most common metal materials with this reflective feature. Some polished metals can also come covered on metallic paint finish in various colors.
  • Brushed metals: bronze, nickel and many yellowish alloys are really great on brushed finishing if you are looking for something resembling an aged copper or gold. While is much more common to see this kind of finishing in antique alike themed showers, they are not uncommon throughout shower sets overall.
  • Hammered metals: This is a step ahead on a vintage touch for your bathroom. The hammered finish also provides an antique touch to the pipes, but is much more uncommon than other finishing and also can be hard to clean as the surface is quite irregular. Some noble metals like silver are also available in very fancy shower models.

Spray Patterns of Shower Heads

May be confusing the fact that spray types are not the same as
shower head types as both categories are quite related, but to make it a bit more simple to understand, one singular shower head can provide many different water sprays, but it will still be just one type of shower head. Water sprays are strictly related to the water pressure and the way the shower head provides this pressure: the output can offer you from water droplets to a tingling mist cloud.

Rain Spray or Regular Spray

This is the common running water with low pressure or no pressure at all flowing through the nozzles. The rain spray is the standard showering water stream, sometimes it can be quite smooth and gentle, others more pressurized and “jetty”, but they never too hard, remaining closer to their main goal: to mimic the rain.

Jet Spray

The jet spray is the standard jet of high pressure water provided by most wall-mounted shower heads and it is, likewise, replicated on handheld and slide bar types that offer multi-adjustment where high pressure can work. Jet sprays are strong and incisive, they often have a therapeutic output but may be too harsh for some people. In general, flow of water is reduced as half of the nozzles are closed, providing a focused and strong jet spray.

Massage Spray

This spray pattern is a variation of the jet stream, but it works with a specific digital setting that really creates a sliding pattern over your body. The massage spray in general flows through a specific singular nozzle that will point and rotate a high-pressure jet stream of water over your body.

Full Body Spray

A high-pressure version of the rain shower, the full body is the open jet stream of wall mounted showers and similar shower heads. With this adjustment, the high pressure is reduced as all nozzles of the shower head are opened and streaming water. Still, the water spray here is stronger and more incisive than the rain shower and it cover the whole body as the spray works on full wide range.

Aeration Spray

Just like happens with many faucets, the aeration spray is provided by shower heads that include a pipe grid or fixed nozzles. This building makes the water stream interpolate with the air creating micro bubbles. This spray is also known as champagne spray as it mimics the champagne foam and is one of the gentlest of the sprays, as well as one of the most economic, since there is a lot of air involved in the output of the water stream. This kind of spray is really pleasant for sensitive skin, works like a smooth caress and can be as relaxing as a strong massaging jet.

Mist spray

Also available on shower heads with multi-adjustment of patterns, the mist spray works like a turbo sprinkler where the droplets are really micro droplets. The nozzles are barely opened, so very few water can get out, and the pressure is high. The result is a cloud of micro droplets floating like a refreshing mist. The mist spray is a good transition from very hot to cold, to avoid showering on warm water after a sun bath, for example, as well as to do not face the unpleasant shock of cold water with the body heated, the mist provides a middle ground quite refreshing and gentle, smooth, gradual. If you opt to use hot water, you can as well create an improved sauna inside your shower stall if it is enclosed.

Water Consumption: Environmental Consciousness and Money Saving

When you are looking for good shower heads you will easily bump into the term “gpm”, which stands for “gallons per minute”. This is total amount of water that your shower is delivering every minute, and the bigger it is, the more you waste. Older showers used to waste a lot of water, with a rate of 5 to 8 gpm. This is A LOT of water thrown away, 50 to 80 gallons for a quicky 10 minutes shower. These days most brands develop their shower heads following a 2 to 2.5 gpm standard as water waste is really not a reality people are willing to afford, specially because it is not even cheap in most places in the world. Buying a good shower is also about buying an economic one. So, while you can do the math by yourself, here are some standards of what is considered wasty or economic:

  • 1 to 2 gpm – very economic spray stream. Most models that come with this ratio of consumption are high-pressure shower heads but they will usually have small shower head discs. You will not get a full body spray experience, but you surely will save a lot of water.
  • 2 to 2.5 gpm – standard economic spray stream. The latest shower head models all have this ratio of consumption, some you can even adjust how much water you will consume as you increase pressure or water flow. Most models includes in the reviews of this section are working with this standard.
  • 2.5 to 3 gpm – moderate spray stream. Often shower heads that are quite large and with an average to moderate water pressure are included in this category. Some models also may come with and adjustment to reduce the amount of water to very low ratios.
  • 3 gpm and beyond – costly spray stream. Quite vintage and old fashioned shower heads still provide this kind of wasty spray stream. The body spa shower panels are often included in this category too though mostly because they have several different shower heads.

If you live in America, when you are shopping for shower heads, you can always check if the product is WaterSense certified. WaterSense is a program that was created by the EPA in 2006. When some areas of the United States were going through historical periods of drought, the EPA released a study where it was evident there was a water waste in most American homes, exactly under the showers.
The WaterSense certification ensures that the product will consume less than 2.0 gpm and was an effort to make the plumbing industry contribute with a renewing of American lifestyle.
Even if you do not find shower with the WaterSense certification, this program made most companies adequate to lower rates as most models started to stick to the 2.5 gpm rate afterwards.

Top 4 Shower Head Brands

While this is just our first batch of best shower head reviews, we would like also to give you a north on what to keep the heads-up when it comes to high quality shower heads. These brands are always providing some ultimate models of shower heads and each release they make is worth a look.


KohlerProbably the most renowned brand of shower heads and showers in general in America, at least, Kohler started its business in the 19th century manufacturing bath tubs in America. During the post-war boom of industrialization, showers started to be a great deal and Kohler was one of the first of its kind to jump into the boat and produce pioneer showers. These days their lines of showers excels easily their bathtub production. They have a great variety of shower heads and developed a lot of pioneering technologies for this market, so is always good to check their latest models if you are looking for state of art models.


MoenThe American brand founded in the late ’50s started their business producing high quality faucets, they invented the one-handed faucets that would follow the modern world where hot water in the sink would not require two handlers or a wider counter. Their innovative and functional technologies in fixtures would easily extend to the showers’ field. These days they are a top brand of showers in America and worldwide.


SpeakmanThis brand is also an ancient one with over 150 years of tradition. Speakman was founded by the English family of same name in America in Washington, focused on the production of plumbing systems of all kinds. They also did contribute to the production of the modern shower as we know it these days as the brand was pioneer on developing wall-mounted showers. Their patented inclined, bell-shaped shower head wall-mounted is reference for most showers of this kind as this is one of the most common and recognized shower heads types in the whole world.

Ana Bath

anabathA brand in the rise and not out of reason, Ana Bath was founded in the mid ’90s and is today one of the best budget options highly focused on shower technologies. They have several different shower head models, kits and all sort of bathroom tools as they expanded their business to bathroom plumbing these days. They also have LED light models on the rise and are well renowned for their fine quality on shower heads in general.

BONUS: Additional Shower Head Features

Is important to note that not all shower head models are sold including the complete shower and many are developed to make part on a bigger set that can include other accessories and extra tools. We listed here some of the most important and basic ones to make you expand your showering experience.

Shower Head Filter: We talked a little bit about them before. There are some shower head models that already include filters, but this is not that common, specially for handheld and slide bars shower heads. Even though you can find filter attachments to include inside the shower head as they will keep impurities of the water at bay. Household facilities that do not make use of treated water or big cities where the water is overtreated, in other words, excess of chlorine, filters will be really essential to keep your hair and skin healthy.
You can check in this section (#9 best shower filters) a complete guide on the best models of shower heads with filters as you will notice that the filters are different depending of the model of the shower.

Steam showersWhile you can create an alternative sauna with shower heads that include the steam spray mechanism, there are many shower models that are a complete sauna experience, heating up the water to an adequate temperature to create a sauna and, the possibility to include scented essences to make the whole experience a private sauna reality inside your bathroom.
Steam showers are complex plumbing systems, they require the installation of shower boxes or stalls and an external tank for those models that include the addition of essences. Is an expensive and luxury purchase that includes a whole set to be installed, but it delivers what it promises. You can check our list on some of the best sets of steam showers (#18) and learn more about how they work.

  • Shower kits

Shower kitsAn easy way to install a shower box or shower stall is to get a shower kit. They are like Ikea showers that can be easily deployed and will work well on bathroom that already have a specific area designed for the shower cubicle, so you don’t need to spend time, money and efforts making it sealed against leaking. They will essentially include affixations for the walls, an outflow base, sliding doors and in some cases a bath tub.

Panel SystemsAs we mentioned before, you can easily find them on saunas, a set of complex and quite customizable shower head systems with digital controls and many times, several different shower heads. Shower head panels these days are married to digital controls, so you can control all the options of the set at ease, including temperature of water, water flow, spray type and so on. We also have a list of some of the best shower panels (#16) you should take a look if you plan to install a more sophisticated set in your bathroom.

BONUS 2: Other Options of Upgrade

If you want to set your bathroom in full, you can enhance the possibilities of your shower including the rest of the plumbing system and decor set. We listed here some basics for those who look for a complete renovation.

  • Towel warmers: a great addition to keep your towels clean and free from mold, bacteria and any other infecting elements from the air.
  • Bathroom exhaust fans: for bathrooms that do not have sealing systems and suffer from excessive moist.
  • Sinks: match the design of your bathroom with sinks of all kinds: wall mount and under mount, pedestal sinks, self-rimming and vessels.
  • Bidet toilet seats: if you got the space, bring one of the best bathroom upgrades that should have never been gone out of trend in the industry.
  • Bathtubs: from acrylic to freestanding, walk-in, drop-in, alcove and corner bathtubs, they can match your shower and turn into a second option for the washing ritual.
  • Hot tubs: try something more fit for your budget with inflatable or stationary models.
  • Bathroom scales: keep your bathroom as private as possible, check your weight indoor where no one will be able to see.
  • Bathroom vanities: all that plumbing requires some beautiful set of cabinets and counters.

BONUS 3: A Guide to Manage Your Shower Head

Finishing our essential guide, there are some quite essential tips to keep your shower head updated and clean:


You have to be aware about the type of shower head you have in your house as not all facilities are set for the same kind of shower systems. The most common are the Teflon taped attaching showers and the gasket screw showers. The first one may be more tricky to install as it requires the right amount of tape to do not leak, the second one just requires you to clean the plumb neatly and screw it tight.

This is the basics for a new shower set. If you are just going to replace the shower head, for example, a LED one, is all about screwing off the older head and attaching the new LED one, no big deal. For a complete new set, you have be sure about how the installation method works before you purchase your new set so check your older shower to see whether it is taped or gasket type. As each shower has its own particularities, surely you have to follow their manual to have it right.


If you keep your shower head always clean, you will get a long standing life out it and most importantly, will not have to make great efforts to clean the nozzles and keep the water flow running adequately. The nozzles will get obstructed with time depending where you live. Hotter places like tropical zones will often face more issues with the deposits of shower algae, those green streams and spots that are quite unpleasant to see. While it is not too common to see them in the nozzles, that might happen in your shower head if the ambient is too moist.

In big cities on the other hand, limescale deposits are the worst enemy and even harder to cope with as they are the result of calcification on the water. To get rid of both scenarios, you can make a solution of water and vinegar and, for the algae, you can optionally use bleach to disinfect it completely. You can either screw off the nozzles disc and imbue it in the solution for one day or so, or you can pour that solution into a plastic bag and tie it around the shower head. After the immersive bath, scrub the nozzles and let the shower run for some minutes to clean it up completely.

Improving the Pressure

Many households, where the bathroom is in the second floor, may experience a poor water pressure due to the fact the water flows from the water tank of the house in that same floor. Most shower sets these days come with the water restrictor to make that scenario even worse. In these cases, you can remove this restrictor to have an adequate water flow for your shower and so increase the pressure.

To find the water restrictor however is a task that can be quite simple or quite complicated depending on the shower head you are dealing with. Most wall-mounted and rain showers have the restrictor affixed right before the shower head itself in the entrance of the pipe. All you have to do is to detach the shower head and remove it with a screwdriver or knife (but be careful). For hand held and slide bar showers that are attached to hoses, the scenario is a bit more complicated as you have to dig inside the hose. Check the manual of the shower to understand where exactly everything is placed to do not damage anything you don’t want to but, in theory, all water restrictors are removable.

Summing it Up

We hope you got most of the basics about shower heads right with this guide. While we included a preview of the best and the most essential features and extras you must know, don’t hesitate to browse around our site to check other sections with complementary information on showers. Also, you can check right now our guide on freestanding bath tubs (#22) to keep your journey going on, as well as you can learn about the infrared saunas here (#23) a sophisticated model of steam showers to know the state of art of showers