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Last updated: August 29th 2016

If you haven’t seen before, we have selected a set with the best shower panel systems in the market these days, as they are a good step forward from the spa experience inside your house, but there is one special feature those shower systems couldn’t offer to make the spa more complete: the sauna experience. The steam showers got very popular in the last decades, as the steam generators became more accessible and many personal bathroom projects proved to be quite efficient and trendy. These days many people develop their own projects, steam generators are a must have on fancy bathroom, but not everybody has the patience, money and time to turn their bathroom into building sites. The steam showers are prefabs that make this experience easier and at least 50% less expensive as you don’t need contractors, engineers and architects to project the whole set up.While they are an investment that requires a wide budget, steam showers can be really handy for the spa experience and they include a set of many complementary functionalities all in one. We picked the best of these prefab steam shower models available in the market so you can take a look on the options you can welcome to your bathroom.

Best Steam Showers in 2016 with Reviews

Lifetime Sedona Corner Bath and Steam Shower

This shower steam set developed by Lifetime is by far one of the most complete and high quality options you will find out there. It is quite close to what a personal shower project looks like, but it cost much less and takes for sure less time to deploy. While it is a corner device, it is very wide, 64-inch wide, so it demands a quite spacious spot on your bathroom to deploy as it comes with two lateral shelves.The features of this set include the bath tub with whirlpool massage jets, the horizontal massage jet shower heads, two handheld shower heads, the aromatherapy tank outlet and a rain shower head top-mounted. The interior of the stall has a fog-proof mirror, while the doors are made on tempered glass.To make the experience even more complete, you may take a long while in the tub as it has an integrated LCD television, hands free telephone and even FM radio. A set of stereo sound speakers inside of the stall allows you to experience the audiovisual features with even more intimacy.The whole system is compatible with 220v electrical networks and includes an electronic interface controller.

Ariel Platinum Series DA333F8

A quite spacious set of steam shower, which includes a corner tub, the DA333F8 has a lot of complementary features that make the experience of a bath or showering a private treatment on your own house. This set is 60-inch wide, with a tub 48-inch long towards the wall, and 79-inch tall. Inside this wide room of delight, you can bathe or shower with jet massage sprays in two different patterns, the acupuncture jet, when you are standing, a quite thin, precise and strong spray or, when you are bathing in the tub, the whirlpool massage jet, which works in a soothing pattern caressing the skin with a generous amount of bubble action.You can take your bath with the stall closed and activate the steam generator to make the sauna experience complete. This model already comes with a 6KW steam generator with a self-cleaning feature included.While you are bathing, the electronic controller interface allows you to activate a lot of functions, including chromotherapy lightning and even a sauna infused aromatherapy steam. This last feature will infuse essential oils into the water before steaming. There is an auxiliary tank you can fill with the oil of your preference before starting your sauna session. This electronic interface requires the set to be wired on the electrical network and this model works with 220v grids only.Complementary, you have also the rain shower head and a handheld shower with hose. Both heads have a set of 3 different spray patterns, including massage jet, and they can be activated while you are in the tub – even though it doesn’t reuse the water of the tub so you have to beware of flooding.

Ariel Platinum DZ961F8 L

This second mode from the Platinum series doesn’t include the tub, but is designed specifically for a sauna experience. The interior of the stall includes two sauna benches, while the showering system has the main rain shower head and a handheld shower head with hose included.Like the previous model, this steam shower works through an electric interface where you can set your preferences and activate functionalities. It also oriented for aromatherapy sessions, so you can pour essential oils in the auxiliary tank before starting your steam session.As this shower steam model doesn’t include a tub, it has less depth and width (59” x 35.4”) while its height is a bit higher than the DA333F8 (89” tall). It also work with a 220v electrical network and is important to note, it is designed to be embedded on the bathroom, so it requires the work of contractors to enclose it – it is not recommended though the enclosing of the stall with concrete building for better accessibility in case of the equipment require repairing.To finish your sauna section, you can shower, either with a rain shower head or the handheld one. Both have a set of different spray patterns for massage and soothing washing.

Ariel Platinum Neo-Angle DZ962F8

If you are not looking for a building site inside your bathroom, the Neo-Angle is a revamped version of the Platinum 1F8L (the previous model). It is a sauna steam shower but works as corner stall, so you don’t need to enclose it to make it look better in the bathroom.The measures of this model are a bit shorter in width (47”) but it has a bigger depth (also 47”) compared to the 35” of the previous model. Everything else here remains the same, including massage jet sprays, rainshower head and handheld shower.Is important to note that, this version is only available with a brushed chrome finish, while the previous one can have its decor finish eclipsed by the building of the enclosing. While it doesn’t offer a wide variety on finish, it still fits most modern, discreet decor sets.

Eagle Bath WS-803L

Designed to be an experience by two, this Eagle Bath model also is a sauna with stools and, as a plus, there are two different sets of handheld showers and horizontal massage shower jets. This model is much more demure in terms of sophistication and space, but still provides a great steam sauna experience. You can sit there while being caressed by the steam treatment and activate the massage jets to soothe your back. There are two retractile stools you can fold down to make room for a regular shower, either using one of the handheld shower heads or the big rain shower head from the ceiling.The whole set can be controlled and activated through an electronic interface, including the activation of the aromatherapy function. The oil tank is stored at the bottom of the panel where the interface is.This steam shower set is quite well illuminated, with a central LED light and lateral set of LED spots. For those who want a very intimate experience, these lights can be dimmed or turned off. The LED lamps are only white light, but they are regular bulbs that can be replaced for a correspondent standard model in the market with any color you wish, so you can set it with the decor set of your bathroom.

Bath Master 8004-AS

While this model is one of the most affordable on our list, it is nonetheless one of the best sauna experiences you can have. The Bath Master steam shower is a corner set, with a corner tub quite spacious for its type, 36” wide, though different from the most robust models, it doesn’t have massage jets inside. The shower panel however includes a set of 6 jets. You can sit while enjoying the sauna treatment and the massage jets will sooth your back with vigorous jets.The shower itself includes one handheld shower head and a top-mounted shower head. Both heads have several different spray patterns, including massage jets, full spray body and aerated sprays.All these features can be controlled by the digital interface, including the temperature of the steam shower and to turn on/off the lights system. Different from many steam shower sets, this one works with a 110V electrical network, tough it requires a dedicated line.

Eagle Bath WS-903A

This second Eagle Bath model of our list is a version a bit more compact and oriented for the sauna experience, as it comes with some extra functionalities to compensate the lack of some features, like massage jets inside the tub. The tub here is corner style and is available either for left or right corner. The manufacturer supply both kinds of units though one or another may not be always available.Above the tub, there is a sitting spot where you can enjoy the sauna while the massage jets are activated. This model has a top-mounted rain shower with only this spray pattern, but it also includes a handheld shower head with multiple spray patterns.Another exclusive feature of this version is the multi color LED lights set. You can adjust the color you wish or play a random mode, all via the digital interface. Likewise, temperature, spray patterns, massage jets and all other complementary features can be controlled trough this interface.

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8L

The last item of our list is another Ariel Platinum. This is a compact version of the Platinum DA333F8, the third set of our list, as it works for one person at time only, with only one sauna bench inside and with shorter width (35”). Everything else remains the same as the DA333F8 model: top-mounted rainshower head, one handheld shower, the horizontal massage jets, and so on. But this version surely costs less.The chromotherapy feature is also included, as well as the aromatherapy compatibility. They can be easily set and activated through the digital interface, as well as the temperature and the shower spray patterns.

Quick Purchase Guide: What exactly is a Steam Shower? And what is the difference of steam showers from steam generators?

The commercialized steam showers are prefab shower stalls that include, as the name suggest, the shower and a steam device. All these models include their own steam generator, as well as a set of at least one shower head unit. But since it is a sturdy set up, they end up deploying many other functionalities to make the experience the most complete as possible, adding bath tub, massage jet shower heads, LED lights circuit and so many other features as you have seen on the reviews above.On the other hand, the steam generators are only that, machines that will boil water and release steam droplets. They are designed for personal bathroom projects and will require the deployment built-in inside the wall or any other unit that will be brainstormed by professionals of the area, consequently, requiring a bigger investment and hard work.

What are the benefits of a steam shower?

Apart from the money you will be saving as you won’t brainstorm a project for a new shower stall with steam generator, a prefab steam shower has all the extra features we mentioned before. You will get a shower panel, so it is multiple shower heads, including massage ones, a bath tub, depending on the model, and all that for a cost benefit much more affordable than purchasing each one of these things separately.

What to Look for on the best Steam Showers?

A good steam shower must provide, obviously, a good steam flow. There is a ratio of steam generation and the size of the space where it will be spread. Each KW of the steam generator covers an area of at least 30 squared inches, so the wider is the shower stall, the more potent the KWattage of the generator must be. All the models we included in the list surpass the basic requirement to make the steam spread quite effective and thick.And as these set ups produce steam, is important that the unit is well sealed. Glass doors are really imperative as they are temperature resistant and will not bend, expand or shrink with the oscillation of heat, this is very important because cheap models that have the doors made on acrylic, for example, will not be pair for the time worn.

Like the shower panels, is important that you consider units that are paired with your height so you can make good use of massage shower jets. There are models that are designed 51” tall while others are almost 80”, so don’t forget about this detail.

For last, but not least at all, is really crucial you are certain that there are constructors and electricians that have experience assembling this kind of shower sets, as they will be required. Steam showers are really not DYI projects, they require professionals to assemble, so unless you are a professional of the area, you will be hiring at least one. If there are not professionals familiar with one specific model, is better to move on for something else that is, as assembling these sets erroneously will be a waste of money and time.

Summing Up

Steam showers are by far the most expensive investment you could make for your bathroom, so choose carefully what fits better your needs and your budget, as well as you have to plan very well the assembly on your own bathroom. You can also take a look on our section about the benefits of steam showers sold separately, how they work and how you can make the ultimate deployment project for your bathroom> building your own sauna shower stall.

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